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Tudor Watches is where you can find all of those hard to get Rare Rolex Tudor Watches for Sale in one place, also you can see what the latest Prices are that our sellers have been getting for their different models in the Latest edition of our New Rare Rolex Price Guides.

Tudor Watches .net is an ongoing project but I will try to make it interesting for you, and over time I will be adding sections on current sales prices for you to keep you informed about where the market is, and of course all pages will have a large range of rare Rolex Tudor Watches that are for sale right now, I hope you will find this site interesting and maybe a bargain or two, make sure you bookmark us and check back often.

Below you will find a large selection of Tudor Watch auctions ending soon on ebay, hopefully you will find a bargain or two amongst them, remember all of these items are current and changing as soon as they sell or end.
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Here are a few of the must have books if you are buying or selling watches.

Rolex Watches are made using movements ordered from a "contract" manufacturer of movements, the ETA factory.

Just as Rolex modifies many of those movements for their primary line (Rolex) they also use an ETA movement (as do many other watch companies) in their Tudor line.

Tudor watches, though, generally use the Rolex Oyster case and crown, just like their more expensive siblings.

What you are getting with a Tudor watch is much of the substance without all of the prestige.

For instance, whereas Rolex watches come in platinum, gold and stainless, Tudors come in stainless and stainless with a gold (or gold filled)  "shell" on the top of the case.

With the advent of  watch collecting in general and Rolex collecting in particular, a  practice has grown up of  "upgrading" watches beyond their factory specifications.

Actually, higher end Rolexes have long been subject to customizing with jeweled bezels, special dial faces, etc.

The first examples of this phenomenon among Tudor watches were done in an attempt to fool people, though the  reasoning is not entirely faulty, after all, the crown and the oyster case are already there.

What was not there when the watch left the factory was the Rolex name on the dial.

In many cases, the dial was not the quirky and highly prized "California" dial, which has half roman numerals and half arabic ones.

The marketplace has embraced this after-the-fact upgrading and now a new look predominates among used Tudor watches, they frequently have had the name Rolex added to the dial, and as mentioned above, they often have the California dial.

Have a look around this site and remember that each page has a list of Rolex Tudor Watches that are currently for sale.

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